Individual & Business Tax Preparations

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The importance of having a professional handle your tax planning and preparation cannot be overstated. The federal tax codes change every year, and are thousands of pages long. (This translates to between 2,600 and 70,000-plus pages, depending on which source you believe. And according to an IRS publication, “The Complexity of the Tax Code,” there are 3.7 million words in the current code, with changes implemented daily.)

You Get What You Pay For

A computer software program might seem to be a low-cost option for simple tax preparation, but it won’t advocate for you if you run into trouble, and it won’t save you money if you miss potential deductions. A tax professional who is very familiar with the laws and who stays current with new developments is the person you want on your team to find all the deductions you have coming, or to represent you in case of audit. Our CPA’s and EA’s are experts in their fields with many years of experience.

We handle:

  • Individual tax filings

  • Business tax filings, including LLC, S-Corporation, C-Corporation, Sole Proprietorship and Trust.

Every tax return is different. But at Exact Tax, inc., we make sure each of our clients are paying the minimal taxes possible. Click here to download a FREE cheat sheet with bookkeeping tools, tax saving tips, and more!

We Go Above and Beyond

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We go above and beyond to help the clients understand their taxes by boiling down the most complex tax codes.

...More importantly, Mary always thinks for her clients, and constantly educates and reminds us on how tax laws work, and matters such as what the consequences of incorporating a business have in CA and at federal level - almost like providing add-on financial and business advisory…
Edward Q. West Hollywood (5/15/19)

At Exact Tax, inc. you can expect an enjoyable tax preparation process. You can relax with the confidence of knowing that we are committed to solving your tax pain, no matter how routine or complex.

Every clients tax situation is unique so fees will vary based on complexity. Please call us for a customized quote and free consultation.

Changed tax accountants this past year because my previous accountant never communicated anything and I found mistakes on my taxes from previous years. This was my first year trying out Exact Tax and really appreciated Nick patiently walking me through the documents and answering any questions. (He) sat with me for an hour to walk me thorugh various scenarios, including projections for next year, answered additional questions via email and went through my actual filing forms when I came back to sign. I’ll be back next year!
— Edith T. 5/14/2018