Prevent Hacks and Secure Your Data


By Richard I Valenzuela, MBA, November 2018


The Information Technology environment is continuously evolving through integration of daily personal and business activities.  Whether you are a one- person business, a retiree, or an Executive in charge of hundreds if not thousands of Information Technology (IT) resources, responsibility for securing your data and IT environment should be a top priority. 

At VZ Computer Technologies, every IT resource is looked at as an asset to the user of the resource.  Every Information Technology “end-point” is considered a critical and important part of the users’ IT environment, which normally comprises of an internet connection using a modem/router, wired or wireless connectivity, security camera systems, and internet enabled devices such as a phone, computer, tablets, printers, television, and even kitchen appliances. 

Every IT environment is approached with objective observations, onsite and remote testing and validation of findings.  Our approach to IT environment security is to perform site IT risk assessments that include findings, recommendations and preliminary timeframes for resolving high and medium risk findings.  Low risk findings are integrated into resolutions based on business or personal priorities.

Cybercrime sophistication is growing, where data that is hacked is being held for ransom, and hackers’ have developed tools, techniques and processes to easily access small, medium, and large businesses, and even World Governments through targeted IT environment attacks.  With this in mind, VZ Computer Technologies provided Exact Tax Inc., with solutions to implement the appropriate network security, upgrade IT environment hardware and software, implement an effective Anti-Virus, Malware and Spyware solution at the device level, and ensure that Exact Tax Inc., is in compliance with all appropriate laws, regulations and vendor support service requirements.  This was done to help protect Exact Tax Inc. and its client’s data from both internal and external threats.

Another critical area of focus by VZ Computer Technologies, is addressing data recovery through disaster recovery and business continuity planning best practices.  This is another critical component of IT- environments that have a significant impact to businesses and even individuals being able to continue work productivity benefiting all concerned.  Implementing encrypted device, server, and cloud backup solutions ensure a level of data protection needed in this evolving integration of IT environments and the daily personal and business activities that use these IT environments.

VZ Computer Technologies pride itself on the ability to perform daily automated IT environment monitoring and monthly network and computer system maintenance as a mainstay of proactive IT environment security.  All of these tools, processes and practices were implemented at Exact Tax in order to be proactive, be responsive, and perform mission critical activities that ensure all data and systems are properly protected for Exact Tax Inc clients.

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